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Meet Leah Shank, CNC

Hello, I’m Leah Shank- Certified Nutrition Consultant, I am both excited and blessed to meet you! I can’t wait to begin assisting you on your healing through an amazing food, diet, and lifestyle journey (it’s in my name after all).

I have lived in Floyd for 17 years, am a mom of two boys, and I’ve also been a widow for 3 years. That was the beginning of my healing journey. I struggled for years with stress, weight gain, aches, pains and inflammation. Learning about and implementing the Foundations of Health and proper nutrition changed my life! I was able to lose weight and not only feel better, but BE better, which I know we all want….to feel good and be healthy! So, join me in learning and healing through health, just like God intended!”

Making change is hard. At Mountainside Holistic Clinic & Wellness Center, we strive to work with you, to make an individualized health and nutrition plan to meet your unique goals and ease the transition into new habits. We understand that change isn’t linear— we vow to meet you where you are on your health journey and focus on making small, sustainable changes that promote healthy lifestyle habits.

All of our recommendations are education-based and backed by the science of our own bodies, just as God created them. Together, Dr Jess and Leah will make it their goal to equip you with the confidence and tools needed to feel at peace with food and your body.

We use an evidence-based counseling approach called Motivational Interviewing. Motivational interviewing is a collaborative and non-judgmental approach that defines your motivations and barriers to help make positive, healthy, successful dietary changes.

Starting November 7th, Leah will be seeing clients TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS, by appointment only.

Please call the clinic, or talk to Dr Jess about booking an appointment and taking the next step to healing through FOOD!