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Prices & Plans

Office & House Call Appointments

  • First Office Visit & Full Evaluation $175
  • Follow-Up Office Visit  $90
  • Acute Care Office Visit $80
  • Pediatric Office Visit $80
  • House Calls (After Hours Emergency Only)  $150

*All Fees Must be paid in full at time of appointment.

Office Procedures: Dr Jess performs a variety of procedures in the office. Members receive a discount on in-house  procedures (excluding metal toxicity), and any specimen sent for testing will be billed separately. 

Individual & Family Membership Plans​

  • Individual, $80/month
  • Small Family (1 -2 Adults, and 2 kids)  $145/month
  • Medium Family (3-4 kids) $170/month
  • Large Family (5+ kids) $220/month

*All New Patients (excluding  Acute Care/First Aid  Office Visits) will need a FULL health & history evaluation by Dr. Jessica. This FIRST VISIT will be discounted for Membership Patients. After First Visit, membership prices start.

* I do not bill insurance for visits or charge a co-pay. 

These monthly prices are your fee for membership in my practice. 

*I do ask for a 12 month commitment. 

Telemedicine Appointments

  • First Visit & Full Evaluation  $145
  • Follow-Up Appointment $70
  • Acute Care Consult $70 

*All Fees Must be paid in full at time of appointment.